take 2

I've been on hiatus, this probably explains my minimal reader base... anyway, a thousand apologies all the same. I'm not entirely sure where to begin --  I lasted almost 2 years in Florida before I decided I had had enough fun in the sun. Admittedly, Florida never really felt like it fit. I'm sure in… Continue reading take 2


destiny –

How does someone find a purpose or a destiny in life? As I inch closer to 30 each year I feel a certain sense of pressure whether internal or external, that I need to figure it out and have it all. My friends all seem to have a plan and even if they don't have… Continue reading destiny –

FL. – one year {intermission}

I have re-started this article so many times because I'm not sure how to begin or what to write about as I enter into year 2 of my Florida adventure. It's been such a strange year full of downs and ups and stagnant moments. It's been depressing, exciting, passionate, thrilling, and often lonely. As I… Continue reading FL. – one year {intermission}

FL. – muse applications

I've been here for 10 months. I've been meaning to write a Florida Rewind for the past 2 months. As you can see, I've been dragging my feet. Lately I'm in a creative block and I feel that I have nothing to express. I haven't written poetry in months. I stare at this blog trying… Continue reading FL. – muse applications

{self} love –

I never used a dating site until 2 years ago. Until that point, I never felt that I needed one.  From the ages of 16 to 22, I was in 2 long term relationships the latter being long distance. Ultimately what ended both relationships was my need for freedom. I had the same conversations with both… Continue reading {self} love –

consider this –

Being of no particular religious association, I decided to practice Lent this year. I can see the value is abstaining from unhealthy or self destructive habits. I decided I would not eat added sugar as I had been developing a very nice junk food habit and was beginning to measure the success of such habits by… Continue reading consider this –